Sainik School Purulia



A CBSE Board English Medium
Residential Public School


Liberal scholarship are awarded to the eligible students as follows:


 Govt. of West Bengal Merit -Cum-Means Scholarship

  The Govt. of West Bengal offers full 3/4, 1/2 and 40% scholarship to all eligible boys who fulfill the following conditions:

The boy must be a domicile of West Bengal.
  To be eligible for a Govt. of West Scholarship, a student must secure not less than 50% of the total marks in the entrance examination for admission
    to Sainik Schools.
  The boys should continue to score a minimum of 45% marks in each every year to retain his scholarship
  The boys must be medically fit.
    The rate of West Bengal Govt. Scholarship (Merit cum Means) are determined on the basis of the total income of the parents as follows:

Income of the parents/guardians


Rate of scholarship general category boys

Rate of scholarship for SC/ST boys

  Upto Rs. 5500 p.m. Full

@ Rs. 10,500/- per student per annum

Rs. 14,000/- per annum

  From Rs.5501/- to Rs.8000/- per month 3/4

@ Rs. 7875/- per student per annum

Rs. 10,500/- per annum

  From Rs.8001/- to Rs.10000/- per month 1/2

@ Rs. 5250/- per student per annum

Rs. 7000/- per annum

  Above Rs.10000/- per month 40%

@ Rs. 2400/- per student per annum

Rs. 5600/- per annum


 Govt. of West Bengal Merit Scholarship


Two Merit Scholarship of Rs.10,500/- per student per year for two boys of West Bengal securing position within the first ten places and securing position within the first ten places and securing  not less than 65% in aggregate at the VI class entrance examination are also awarded irrespective of the parents income.


Govt. of West Bengal Scholarship Governing conditions:

Parents of the student must be a domicile of the West Bengal

Parents/Guardians of the student will have to enter into agreement with the board of Governors, Sainik School society in the manner & for the purposes laid down in the rule 'IV' of the West Bengal Sainik Schools scholarship rules.
No scholarship shall be awarded if a boy is enjoying any other scholarship or financial assistance in any shape from any other source.

The scholarship shall be awarded for one year in the first instance to be renewed on early basis for the full duration of the student course of studies at the Sainik school, subject to periodical reports from the principal of the school regarding the student general conduct, discipline, medical fitness and performance and also subject to the further conditions that the student in receipt of the scholarship has secure not less than 45% marks in each subject and 55% marks in aggregate in the annual examination.
   Ministry of Defence Scholarship
     Scholarship @ Rs.10,500/-per annum to cadet of Defence category by MoD Govt. of India subject to parents rank and income.
   Subsidy by Ministry of Defence
     Rs.10,000/-(approx) is awarded to the boys every year to reduce the financial burden of parents.
   NCC Scholarship
      All students being NCC cadets, NCC Directorate gives liberal NCC scholarship @ Rs.5000/- for meritorious students. In addition to this scholarship
    Shara scholarship @Rs.5000/- is also available to meritorious NCC cadets.
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